Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2008 Pellegrini Agostiniano di Villanova

San Gimignano, the City of the Beautiful Towers (città dalle belle torri) was once home to 72 towers. Now only 13 remain, and just one is open to the public. The city has many churches, the most prominent of which may be the Collegiata, formerly a cathedral, and Sant' Agostino. Each houses a remarkable collection of artwork by some of most prominent Italian renaissance artists of the day.

As in the middle ages, the city was a stopping place for us as we make our way to Rome and the Vatican. Our hosts and "inn keepers" are Augustinians who adminster the Convento di Sant’ Agostino.

The towers, as seen from the balcony of the Convento, serve as a backdrop for the "official" group photograph of the 2008 Pellegrinaggio Agostiniano di Villanova.

Pellegrini seated from the left are Regina, Joan, Fr. Joe, Kathy F. and Chrissy. Standing from the left are Will, Bernadette, Fr. Brian, Beth, Lou, Susanne, Joe, John, Kathy B., Mike, Fr. Chris, Kelley, Chris and Sue.

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