Monday, March 31, 2008

Arrivederci Roma - 9th Day (3/09/08)

Perhaps we were exhausted. Maybe every one of our camera batteries were dead. For whatever reason, we have no visual documentation of our departure from Rome or return to Philadelphia.

Fortunately, we can share the talents of our first Pellegrinaggio Poeta Insignito di Onorificenza as a fiiting conclusion to our Augustinian pilgrimage in Italy.

Pellegrinaggio 2008

We’ve come to the end.
Or, just the beginning like our
dear Augustine would have said.

First stop, Milan!
We met Mario, Guiseppe and crew.
We knew in an instant
We had a lot of learning to do.

Long day of travel,
So we went straight to bed.
The next night the Alpinis taught us
Italian wine doesn’t go straight to your head.

Gaining knowledge of Augustine’s life
Was certainly a pleasure.
The baptism at the Duomo
Was an experience we’ll all treasure.

Our bus ride to San Gimignano began
And our leader Fr. Joe held on tight.
We all looked out the window
as Giancarlo took flight.

The medieval city of San Gimmi,
We arrived in some hours.
We fell in love with the
Convent and all of the towers.

The city, the views,
Not to mention the food.
Loretta and Fr. Brian
Put us in a complete Italian mood.

The beauty of Lecceto -
Something only God could create.
The nuns within the walls
Pray for us with their strong faith.

The frescos, the cafes,
Laughter ‘til we choked.
Everything was wonderful
Other than the dollar making us broke.

For the final part of the trip
We were off to visit Rome.
Who knew that the Auggies lived
So close to the Pope’s home?

The tour of St. Peter’s
And the underground walk,
Our Mass at the Basilica
A moment that we’ll forever talk.

The ruins, the views
And the lunch in the sun,
Our Mother of Good Counsel,
Well, the story sounds fun!

The memories we’ve made;
Milan, San Gimmi and Rome.
The cafes, the wine and views,
We don’t want to go home!

We are Faculty, Staff, Alumni,
Mother-daughter, Father-son.
This trip with Augustine
Has certainly made us all one!

Special thanks to pilgrim Chrissy for providing this inspired summary
of the first Pelleginaggio Agostiniano di Villanova.
February 29 - March 9, 2008

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